Daily Archive: October 2, 2018

Thurgood Marshall

Remembering a SCOTUS Legend

51 years ago today, the great-grandson of a slave was sworn in as the first black justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Las Vegas Shooting

One Year Later, Country Music Remembers Las Vegas Shooting

Country music is somewhat stereotyped as being heavy on the heartbreak and hard times, but a year removed from a Las Vegas concert turning into the worst mass shooting in American history, there has been plenty of both, along with much soul-searching.

The Odd Couple

We don’t want to be here. Nobody wants to be here.

Tech Tuesday

Tech Tuesday- 10/2 – Nuclear Pasta, and Other Changes

Oscar Gordon’s Tech Tuesday covering Ammonia as fuel, making the Star Trek Tricoder, turning CO2 solid with a battery, Japanese innovation in space and baby elevators, cheap metal decontaminating water, simulated avalanches, and more

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