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The Pain of Tradition

For the amateur chef with an opinionated family, Thanksgiving can be the worst holiday of them all.

The Debate Over Millennial Employees

Millennials get a bad rap in today’s work force. Maybe it is deserved. Maybe they are being blamed unfairly. A look at two sides of the story.

Where I Was.

How small things can release strong memories.

Ann Coulter: Donald Trump’s Brain?

Ann Coulter may have fallen out of favor with mainstream conservatives, but she may be closer to the reins of power than ever before.


Season 3, Episode 13: “A Late Delivery from Avalon”


Rick, Morty, and other persons of interest.

The Toderonemy, Vol. I

Are we not men?

Please hate on the new Laws in the comments section, or add your own!

Wine and Punishment

Is it racist to call the Saudis barbaric for planning to cane an elderly British man for having bottles of homemade wine in his car? Can I say that, objectively speaking, my values are better than the values of these people? Does this have anything to do with Islam?


An Infrastructure Divide

Sometimes I think I live in a completely different country than the one I read about in the news.

Primary Numbers

Do Republican primaries tend to have larger fields of candidates. If so, what does it mean?

Demo Thread

Democratic Debate Open Thread