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Warren releases results of DNA test
Cover Songs Better than “Africa”
The “S*** List” Fights Back
Should the U.S. Copyright Office Have a Political Agenda?
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Somebody’s Always Taking The Joy Out of Life: The Haircut
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Chip Daniels

But yeah, that's my question- who are these people, for whom this is such a big turnoff?
How do we even know they exist?


How about Metallica covering Bob Segar

+ That's not my argument. Though if you read “oh, I’m a member of an oppressed minority group!” and translated that in your head to "oh, they [. . .]
+ Maybe this is me being overly charitable but it's quite possible she believes/d it. I have a few friends with Cherokee ancestor stories, [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ "Her family always said they were part Indian, but two years ago we found out she is only a tiny fraction. I'm still disenchanted." Really seriously- [. . .]
+ The primary is easy to explain. People might prefer Kamala Harris to Elizabeth Warren if it's important to them that we elect more diverse people. The [. . .]
Chip Daniels

I would love to meet this person and have them explain their thought process.

+ This is the wild card... I can't believe she'd try to fish in that pond again; but then as I commented above to Oscar, the [. . .]

You'll hear no dissent from me on the general lameness of those types of appeals to identity either.

It will sway nobody to vote for her that wasn't already inclined, so the same end result.


In the primary, probably quite a few.

For Senator? Zero.

For Nominee? Well...

For President? Well...


Me personally? Yes. I think worse of her for doubling down on an obvious falsehood in such a ridiculous way.

Oscar Gordon

But how many people will it sway away from voting for her?

+ No, he said he'd pay a million bucks if she takes test "and it shows you're an Indian". I think he's on pretty solid ground [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ I think maybe this is taking this far too seriously. I mean, really, are people at your work talking about this? Every single family int he world [. . .]
+ She made it quite plausible that her family stories are true: there was someone who identified as Native American a few generations back. Will it stop [. . .]
+ Yeah, Drezner called it "cauterizing an open wound" and... yeah. I guess that it's a good idea if it works. But to get it to work [. . .]
Mike Dwyer
+ "Women, he implied, must be prepared to endure that, no matter what it might include, up to the point of criminality. " No, this is Sam [. . .]
+ But Warren didn't hit Trump, she hit herself squarely on her own jaw. I mean, I get the idea of trying to swing at Trump [. . .]
+ "I released the results of my genetic test before the midterm and well before I announced my candidacy for President. The purpose was to put [. . .]
+ Why in the hell did she announce this? Charitably, because she wanted to hit the ground running after the midterms and thought this was her biggest [. . .]
+ If Trump insults you and you don't respond, you look weak. If you do respond, but not forcefully enough, you still look weak. [. . .]

In the Southeast and also in Oklahoma, where Warren is from.

Okay, I understand now.

That's somewhat less bad.

+ That, or the focus on identity as a driver in Dem politics. I mean, if we take off the glasses which make us squint at [. . .]

This will follow her thru November 2020 or until she's out of politics completely. Conservatives won't let a gift like this go unpunished.

PD Shaw
+ They aren't just from Mexico, Peru or Columbia, but Indians from those countries. If you look at the plot Figure 2, Warren's sample falls [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ I agree with you, if this is the last we hear of it from her, then it'll be a big 'meh', and I'll stop caring [. . .]
Sam Wilkinson
+ @dave Sullivan made it clear that boorish male behavior that did not rise to the level of criminal activity - rape, in other words - [. . .]
+ If you watch the video... kinda, yes. I thought it was the weakest part of the video where she claims that her Father's family [. . .]
+ My mother-in-law bought 23&me kits for the whole family a couple years ago for Christmas and my wife and I went down this exact internet [. . .]

There was someone related to people who currently live in Mexico, Peru, or Colombia who identify as Native American.

Really, this isn't that complicated.

A signed contract is not going to extract money out of Trump.

+ She's running for President. She said some things that are awkward. She's preemptively is changing the narrative from her being Native American, to her (and her Republican [. . .]
Oscar Gordon
+ Personally, I wonder why this seems so important to her? Is her identity that wrapped up in the idea that she has some Native [. . .]
+ Oh, if we're going to count people remaking their own music, I've got to bring up Neil Young. He's been doing this so long [. . .]
+ And there's this part from the article too. (I'm adding the emphasis.) Detecting DNA for Native Americans is particularly tricky because there is an absence [. . .]
+ The correction has been corrected: Correction: Due to a math error, a story about Elizabeth Warren misstated the ancestry percentage of a potential 6th to [. . .]

I actually think the relative silence and/or continued support of the faction that regularly talks about white privilege will be the attack line.

1. I'd find that less irritating than saying you're discriminated against as a white man.

2. Feel free to post some recipes.

+ Now there is a tendency among many of Warren's critics to latch on to the "maybe somewhere between six and ten generations back" and turn [. . .]
Em Carpenter
+ Totally off-topic, but if you are ever looking for reading material, check out "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & the Dark [. . .]

That she's yet another White Person who claims Native American ancestry.

"Basic", I think the word is.

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