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The Sad Reality of Retirement in America
Donald Trump Is a Good President
Justin Schneider and Jacob Anderson Go Free; Cyntoia Brown Does Not
Saturday Morning Gaming: The Tragedy of Red Dead Redemption 2
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
The Unhappy Hooker
The B-Sides – Lesser Known Hits of Well-Known Artists
The Weekend Plans Post: The Holidays Are Upon Us
Days of Real Sport: Helping Papa
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+ Did I say we should do nothing? In fact I said the opposite multiple times. I'd just prefer a solution that will do more good [. . .]
+ We shouldn't be asking how we can classify the writer; we should be asking whether his position holds water. I don't care what his [. . .]
+ But owning the libs is at best a conditional good. Standing up to bullies is great, but bullying them is just bullying. You [. . .]
j r
+ Social security as it actually exists is not a Ponzi scheme in any meaningful sense of the term. It's a pay-as-you-go social transfer. We just [. . .]
+’s “what’s wrong with the Rust Belt?”. That’s an important question, and one that deserves an answer... It is. Some of the problems the Rust [. . .]
+ @michelle-kerr "her willingness to testify is not much, these days" is, again, based on what? She was in the courtroom when this sweetheart deal was [. . .]
Michele Kerr
+ The rape kit showed she had sex, presumably. And her willingness to testify is not much, these days. Do I think it's possible she is [. . .]
Michele Kerr
+ Doesn't SocSec still pay out to marrieds? That always seemed something that should go by the wayside. Or perhaps it did and I missed it. [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ Housing and land are actually good examples of WTO effects. As you say, when incomes fall, it is precisely equivalent to prices going up. Except that our [. . .]
+ It is only a ponzi scheme if the money paid in is treated as a supposed investment. But its not, it is a tax and [. . .]

Social Security....the only LEGAL ponzi scheme ever created.

+ Donald Trump IS a good president--in the limited area of driving liberals off the rails. On a side note, I just spend a week switching the [. . .]
+ So we're going to solve it by making it impossible for her to argue what was going through her head when she pulled the trigger [. . .]
+ @jaybird Nothing mattered when it came to her: not that she was 16, not that she was being forced into prostitution, not that she had [. . .]
+ I've played a bunch of the new Stellaris now, and while its got some rough parts that need patching (they've already starting releasing beta updates) [. . .]

So you want that established in the law across the board for everybody?

I suppose I could see that.

+ @jaybird Right, which is part of the law's failing that I'm criticizing. She wasn't afforded anything for her situation. Prosecutors pursued the maximum available punishment [. . .]
+ At this point, I'm applying your standard to Cyntoia Brown. She shot him in the head when, the forensic evidence says, he was asleep. That [. . .]
+ I find I'm still thinking about it all this time later. I am often very squeamish about watching movies with a lot of death [. . .]
+ @jaybird It already is. (Although, in her case, extenuating circumstances ought to be considered: she was an abuse victim forced into sexual slavery, being routinely [. . .]

AAA those are super cute!

I love MLP stuff too, I'm going to have to get into the amigurumi now! :) Thanks!

So Cyntoia Brown’s act was 1st Degree Murder, according to this standard?

+ I so totally agree with this statement. Every time after I hear it, it wakes me up going through my head in the middle of the [. . .]
+ In the social sciences we have the concept called "attribution", which is the art of figuring out what is causing what. This is a complex [. . .]
+ @michelle-kerr You're describing Jacob Anderson as, potentially, a victim here? And "little support for the charge" means what exactly? What more would you have her [. . .]
+ @jaybird If you make an intentional decision to do something to another person, you don't get to claim that the resulting outcome was an "accident" [. . .]
+ “Oh oh look at me, look at me! I’m French Existential Nihilistic Ennui. I’m such an original and bold and iconoclastic thinker!” I wonder if [. . .]
+ Not the worst article I've ever read. There's plenty to disagree with, though. What strikes me most is the attitude that history just happens. [. . .]
+ I agree with much (not all) of what jaybird sez (I can't figure out how to quote people here), but in general, I'm struck [. . .]
+ "Oh oh look at me, look at me! I'm French Existential Nihilistic Ennui. I'm such an original and bold and iconoclastic thinker!" The first American [. . .]
Chip Daniels

Why doesn't Junior just get a good union job at the factory?

+ How easy do you think it was for parents to buy houses? Dad's two jobs were at the factory and the warehouse; Junior's two [. . .]

Is this a global agreement administered by the WTO or is this a bilateral or multilateral agreement between the US, India and China?

+ Buy a house where? San Francisco, California? Plymouth, Michigan? Hey, you can get a nice 2 bedroom, 1 bath in Grand Forks, North Dakota for [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ Better off how? All across America, are the young people of today finding it easier to buy a house than their parents did? Are their jobs [. . .]
Chip Daniels
+ For the same reason any country would agree to a General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. You want to buy and sell with us, you negotiate [. . .]
+ I don't know if you have to be a Ravelry member or not (it's free) to view patterns (I'm a member) but I'm just gonna [. . .]
+ Funny Jay, this time is busy for us. Gathering orders, determining which ones to book so we hit our targets but don't exceed it. [. . .]
+ @Chip-Daniels If minimum wages are to be adjusted to the different standards and costs of living in each nation, what makes you think that the wages [. . .]
+ Revisiting our understanding of intent would still allow for distinction between the two while not rewarding abusive murders savvy enough to claim that her death [. . .]
+ Oh lord, this piece. First off, he says he doesn't' know much about us then proceeds to opine on the things he admits he doesn't [. . .]
+ The people of the US? Sure. The Rust Belt specifically? No. And make no mistake just about everyone who doesn't work for (or own a [. . .]
+ Monsieur Houellebecq identifies as a Marxist that believed the Far Left took a wrong turn during the 1960s. Despite being a Marxist, he is strangely [. . .]
+ This, very much. I am always bemused at how frightened/hopeful (both at once) Christians seem about Islam as if it's some super ideology that is [. . .]
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