Daily Archive: October 10, 2018

Social Science and Fiction Part 7: Fissiparous Eschatology

Escalation of stakes is part of the appeal of doomsday end-game modules, but I have a hunch there’s more to it than the natural progression from local to regional to national to global threats. I suspect that apocalyptic stories draw from some dark universal well abiding in the human heart. Or maybe it’s that engine from Event Horizon. Maybe that engine from Event Horizon is the darkness that dwells within the human heart.

Hurricane Michael (Live Thread)

This is a live thread about the arrival and impact of Hurricane Michael, a monstrous storm threatening Florida’s Gulf Coast.


Wednesday Writs for 10/10

Welcome to the first edition of Ordinary Times’s new linky feature, “Wednesday Writs”, which will attempt to bring to you the latest and most interesting headlines from the legal world.

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