The world longs for Times more Ordinary


The Old Elephant

Wonder What a Thwo Hundred Year Old Elephant Thinks About

World Book Encyclopedia 2

The Lost Art of Book Learning

Google searching is utilitarian, but it is not a substitute for the visceral fun of opening a random volume up to a random page and learning something new.

writing 39

On Writing of Wrongs

We should understand that because of the technology of the day, we may well be the most recorded and documented generation in history.

Game of Thrones 39

Game of Thrones: Little People, Big World

Quit ignoring The Scope Problem or we’ll end up with more Game of Thrones that start off amazing and end with a disappointed “meh”.

Guacamelee! 0

Saturday Morning Gaming: Guacamelee!

You play Juan, a humble agave farmer in Santa Luchita. When The Big Bad comes in and steals your love interest, you become a Luchador!


Thawing The Pump

Trying to thaw it so the pump will pump.

John Henry 5

Songs About John Henry

It’s been a slow news week so come with me on a journey into American folklore to a story we all kn–wait, what’s this coming in through my earpiece? The President of the United...

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