Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures

ordered liberty 31

Capacious, Ordered Liberty

The phrase “ordered liberty” reminds me the reasons the Framers abandoned the Articles of Confederation and created the Federal Constitution


Sick Days

Ain’t it a grand and glorious feeling?

Technical Notes 10

Ordinary Times Technical Notes

Not everyone who has been an occasional (or even regular) user is aware that the State of the Discussion feature is available again.

second civil war 49

The Second Civil War

The rush to proclaim a second civil war is a symptom of ahistorical thinking common in the social media age.

iceland 25

On Iceland

“We’re going to Iceland. In April. I can get two hotel rooms with my points. You get the car.” So I went to Iceland. You should go to Iceland.


Under the Ban

“Rich kids fuss because they want to play with *us*!”