This page lists all of the posts in the various bookclubs run by folks at Ordinary Times.

By “bookclub”, we mean more than just books. Television shows, or books, or graphic novels, or whatever that run in a series. At least, the ones about which we felt kindly enough to blather about.

All of the posts that recapped the television series, Babylon 5, as watched by members of Ordinary Times.

Episodes in Season One:

  1. Midnight on the Firing Line, Pat
  2. The Soul Hunter, Pat
  3. Born to the Purple, Pat
  4. Infection, Pat
  5. Parliament of Dreams, Pat
  6. Mind War, Jaybird
  7. War Prayer, Tod
  8. And The Sky Full of Stars, Pat
  9. Deathwalker, Dman
  10. The Believers, Jaybird
  11. Survivors, Pat
  12. By Any Means Necessary, Dman
  13. Signs and Portents, Pat
  14. TKO, Pat
  15. Grail, Jaybird
  16. Eyes, Jaybird
  17. Legacies, Jaybird
  18. A Voice in the Wilderness (1), James K
  19. A Voice in the Wilderness (2), James K
  20. Babylon Squared, Jaybird
  21. The Quality of Mercy, James K
  22. Chrysalis, Katherine MW (Season Finale)

Episodes in Season Two:

  1. Point of No Return, Pat
  2. Revelations”, Tod
  3. The Geometry of Shadows, Pat
  4. A Distant Star, Pat
  5. The Long Dark, Pat
  6. A Spider in the Web, Pat
  7. Soul Mates, Pat
  8. A Race Through Dark Places, Pat
  9. The Coming of Shadows, KatherineMW
  10. Gropos, Pat
  11. All Alone in the Night, Tod
  12. Acts of Sacrifice, James K
  13. Hunter, Prey, Pat
  14. There All The Honor Lies, Pat
  15. And now for a Word, James K
  16. In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum, KatherineMW
  17. Knives, Pat
  18. Confessions and Lamentations, Pat
  19. Divided Loyalties, JamesK
  20. The Long, Twilight Struggle, KatherineMW
  21. Comes The Inquisitor, JamesK
  22. The Fall Of Night, JamesK (Season Finale)

Episodes in Season Three:

  1. Matters Of Honor, Pat
  2. Convictions, Pat
  3. A Day in the Strife, Pat
  4. Passing Through Gethsemane, Pat
  5. Voices of Authority, Katherine
  6. Dust to Dust, Katherine
  7. Exogenesis, Katherine
  8. Messages From Earth, Katherine
  9. Point of No Return, Katherine
  10. Severed Dreams, Katherine
  11. Ceremonies of Light and Dark, Katherine
  12. Sic Transit Vir, Katherine
  13. A Late Delivery From Avalon, Katherine
  14. Ship of Tears, Katherine
  15. Interludes and Examinations, Katherine

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