Daily Archive: December 4, 2011


Opposite Day: The fallacy of separation of powers

Since I’m the member of the League who is furthest ahead in the time zones, it falls to me to welcome you to the League of Ordinary Gentlemen’s inaugural opposite day, in which we...


The Mission

The administration of the great system of the universe … the care of the universal happiness of all rational and sensible beings, is the business of God and not of man. To man is...


Lazy Sunday Afternoon Jukebox And Open Thread

As it turns out, there aren’t any good Tim Tebow songs. There, are, however, Tim Tebow songs. A surprising number, actually. Don’t google them. Seriously. Instead, listen to this lovely song from The War...


Okay so I’m indecisive

I changed my mind yesterday and am planning on returning the Xbox 360 when it arrives. I was just going over a long list of exclusives for the PS3 vs those for the Xbox...

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