Daily Archive: December 28, 2011


A Third Kind of Green Libertarians Should Care About

The environment is a tricky issue for libertarianism, in many ways environmental issues are “ideologically inconvenient” for libertarians – life would be easier if they didn’t exist.  Of course that’s not sufficient reason to...


What Creates Success?

Shortly after starting my first job as a grocery clerk, which required me to wear a white oxford shirt every day, my dad showed me how to hand-wash my collar before it went in...


The Dueling Identities of Congressman Ron Paul

I think it’s fair to say that, Barack Obama aside, no politician of the current moment has attracted as passionate, enduring, and diverse a following as Ron Paul. The heterogeneity of their constituents is probably...


Why I Support Ron Paul

Far be it from me to pass up an opportunity to add to the cacophony of Ron Paul posts. When is the last time someone with such a small probability of becoming the next...


A (Mostly) Unnecessary Introduction

For a long time I’ve gone by the alias ‘Mike at The Big Stick’ around the internet so it will probably take some time for me to get used to writing under my real...


The Great Cases, No. 2

The next installment of my Great Cases series is available at my sub-blog. Today’s offering — Fletcher v. Peck. I offer you political corruption, the origin story of the states of Alabama and Mississippi, and...

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