Daily Archive: December 8, 2011


Democracy and Occupy Wall Street

Shawn writes: After facilitating at a general assembly several weeks back, one of my best friends received a message from a participant thanking him for the empowering experience. Even in the “world’s greatest democracy,”...


If I Were President

If I were president, I would start with a round of mass imprisonments. As Machiavelli advises, I’d do it quickly, perhaps all in one night. A few tens of thousands should be enough. No,...


Perry’s Complaint

Attempting to arrest his meteoric flameout from the GOP’s good graces, Rick Perry is running this ad on TV in Iowa: I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian, but you don’t need...


Mitt Romney’s Marriage of Convenience

Responding to the ad above, Allahpundit writes: The “unlike some people” is merely implied, but this one’s so heavy-handed that he might as well have tacked on a few shots of Newt with his...

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