Author: Russell Michaels

Russell is inside his own mind, a comfortable yet silly place. He is also on Twitter.
Political parties 21

An Election Rant

Democrats don’t seem to have a national figure that isn’t fondly in love with some form of collectivism. Not that Republicans are much better.

One-dollar bill shaped as a shirt 32

Perverse Incentives

The key to successful government policy is through perverse incentive mitigation, usually through the Law of Unintended Consequences.

communism 21

In Theory

We don’t live in a perfect world. This love of theory is why economics on an academic level is virtually useless.

gangs 35

The Gang Problem

Even though this answer is rather simple, the people in charge who could make a difference refuse to make the changes necessary and haven’t for decades.

Moviebob Bob Chipman 10

MovieBob Syndrome

What is MovieBob Syndrome? It is a person who ascribes far more worth and influence to themselves than they actually have. This is narcissism on steroids.


Ritalin and Me

The obvious problem is that putting children on an amphetamine with side effects that are hard to verbalize means effects that will be undiscovered.