Daily Archive: December 17, 2011


Eating the Rich: By the Numbers

“Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to eat for lunch.” Although Ben Franklin didn’t actually say that [it dates back only to the 1990s], it’s already a familiar American truism....


Costs on the Books

In Jason’s recent post on Waste and Abuse, Density Duck writes: Ask your husband to explain how SpaceX can build a rocket for half as much as NASA.  Then get back to me on how...


The Ambiguous Legacy of Christopher Hitchens

If you haven’t read Tod’s rumination on what Christopher Hitchens meant to him and how he will be remembered, I recommend you do so now. As is always the case with Tod’s front-page work,...


The Best Of Days

Today is the first day of Saturnalia. I nominate Jaybird to serve as our Lord of Misrule. Eat, drink, and be merry, fellow Ordinaries! Gamble in public, sing naked, and clap your hands in...


The unbearable weightiness of becoming.

On Thursday we got our plywood, and yesterday we got our second delivery of dimensional lumber. That means the boat is in the barn — plywood, epoxy, lumber, glass — now it’s simply a...

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