Daily Archive: December 23, 2011


GOP 2012: Worst Candidate Batch Ever?

It’s now Conventional Wisdom that this 2012 GOP bunch is the total pits, but objectively, the 2008 Democrats are right in there: Winner Division Barack Obama —First-term US Senator, spent Years 3-4 of 6-yr...


Power in (Small) Numbers

Responding to the recent decision by House Republicans to agree to a two-month extension of the payroll tax cuts — after an unseemly and unnecessary game of chicken during which, achieving the seeming impossible,...


The Ballot I Will Cast in the GOP Primary

Years ago on This American Life they devoted an entire episode ruminating on fiascos. In a segment that has become a radio classic (if you have never heard it, you really should – it...


Reasonable-ness, by what standard?

By request (or at least approval), I have produced a post on reasonable-ness. Note that this has nothing to do with certain kinds of legal standards People often say that something is reasonable to...


Dying on That Hillock

“In normal times, evil would be fought by good. But in times like these, it must be fought by a different kind of evil.” — Aereon, The Chronicles of Riddick It seems Ron Paul’s moment has passed...

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