Monthly Archive: November 2011


Well begun is half done.

In the comment thread of an earlier post I said this: One of the things that’s so different about building a boat vs. making docs is that you start building the boat with a...


Not Snakes on a Plane

Crying babies. The Economist weighs in, Megan McArdle responds via Twitter. Three things:


The Costas Rant

I expect that this is going to be a somewhat unpopular post, judging by the feedback I’ve gotten on Twitter for suggesting it in the first place, but I want to hear what other...


A Financial Marshall Plan

A collapse of the Eurozone would be a disaster of 1929-like proportions. But what’s for us in the United States to do about it? The Eurozone is a bigger economy than the USA, and...


Everything Happens for a Reason, Part 2

(Part 1 can be read here.) In July of 2003 I went to Kenya on a commissioned promotional documentary project. Earlier that year I had been convinced to buy a Krasnogorsk K3 16mm camera, a “Russian...


Opposite day at the League!

There is a semi-grand blogospheric pseudo–tradition called opposite day. On opposite day… atheists do their best to argue that theism is correct and the theists do their best to argue that atheism is correct. Perhaps...


Religious Diversity Rocks

RTod’s post reminded me of this story. When I was in the second grade, there were three Jewish kids in our class. They didn’t celebrate Christmas. Now, in the first grade this didn’t mean...


We interrupt this blog for a short commercial break

A project update, in no particular order: We formed a new company for the build: The Montauk Catamaran Company, LLC We move into our build-space — a barn in Bridgehampton — at the end...


Joy and Rediscovering the Muppets

This weekend, we took our daughter to see The Muppets, her first time watching a movie in a theater.  We chose the movie because we figured it would at least be tolerable for we...


Sad News

I wanted to offer my condolences to James Joyner for the sudden loss of his wife, Kimberly. James has long been a friend of this blog. To me personally, James has always been a...


Pushkin: Eugene Onegin (1833) The Russian Dissolution

There is a superb scene in the third chapter of Alexander Pushkin’s novel-in-verse Eugene Onegin in which Tatiana, the landowner’s daughter character that Dostoevsky deemed a model of Russian womanhood, is sitting up all...


Cyber Monday Wars: PS3 vs. Xbox 360

So I’ve been a PC gamer for a long time. I haven’t owned a console in years and this Cyber Monday I’m thinking about buying one. Already there are some good deals out there....