Daily Archive: December 7, 2011


22 Years Later

~by Jonathan McLeod I was 13. I couldn’t fathom that my sister’s life could be worth any less than mine. I would never have thought that the girls I knew and loved, friends like...


Even When Parked?

So apparently Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight for electronic device use:


Remember the London Riots?

I wanted to flag this Guardian report because, as League regulars will remember, it gets to the heart of what became a rather contentious debate ’round here during the London riots: Were the rioters self-consciously political...


Drawing from Memory

My iFriend Alan Jacobs writes: [O]ur belief that photography straightforwardly captures the–thing–in–itself is a sadly naïve one. (Beginning birdwatchers always want photographic guides because they think photography captures birds “as they really are,” but...