Daily Archive: December 20, 2011


Thermomixed Up, Part 4

(Parts 1,  2 and 3) In 1982 my family moved from La Jolla, California to Ashland, Oregon. This was only a year or two after a terrible crime, and the kids in school were still talking...


“Kicking, squealing Gucci little piggy”

  I think meat tastes great.  I love me some buffalo smothered chicken wings.  It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without Turkey.  I reside near a Bobby’s Burger Palace, and live in constant fear of the tastiness made...


Thermomixed Up, Part 3

(Parts 1 and 2) I have had now, for some several months, a running correspondence with a friend on the idea of discipline as a route to abundance. After our most recent exchange, I...