Daily Archive: December 21, 2011


Ron Paul’s ‘Principles’

I’m tired of hearing Ron Paul referred to as the “principled” candidate. For one thing, men of principle do not make money by having racists tracts published in their name. I’ve been following Paul...


Thermomixed Up, a Pause

(Previously, Parts 1,  2,  3 and 4) A pause for some catch-up and dot-connecting. This discursive ramble of mine was set in motion when I read a piece by Reihan Salam and a piece by Megan McArdle.*...


League Feed

The only fix I could come up with for our broken RSS feed was to change the Feedburner feed to an atom feed rather than the regular rss feed we were using. I have...


Passing on Paul

And so now it’s Ron Paul’s turn. Like all those I’m Not Romneys before him, Paul’s quick rise seems further proof that the GOP base wishes to try on every bridesmaid dress in the...


Ron Paul, Racism, and War

First things first, I’d like to apologize to mistermix for the rudeness of my last piece on the matter. Mainly I was feeling jaded over various Twitter exchanges that occurred prior to my reading...

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