Daily Archive: December 29, 2011


Sic Semper Tyrannis!

Oy.  In what will surely generate some interesting mental gymnastics from Koz and others attempting to explain how awesome this idea is/is really done more by liberals, the Virginia GOP willow require voters to...


Farmers Forging Partnerships

One of the subjects I am most passionate about is the notion of creating urban-suburban-rural partnerships to drive economic prosperity. Much of this interest lays in my own experience of traveling frequently between my job in...


The Winds of Winter Sample Chapter

As you might expect given the title, this post is going to contain some spoilers for A Song of Ice and Fire, right up through the end of the last book (A Dance With...


The Tort of Political Discrimination

I’d like to raise a subject for discussion that is not that walking, talking amalgamation of ambiguity that goes by the name of “Ron Paul” because I think there’s plenty of talk about him going on...

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