Daily Archive: December 31, 2011


Musings on a Particular Discussion Dynamic

Ta-Nehisi recently wrote: As an aside, I think there’s an essay to be written about why any accusation of a racial offense is so often reduced to “Are you a racist?” It would be...


Thermomixed Up, Part 6: Enough is Enough (For This Year)

(Previously, Parts 1,  2,  3 , 4 and 5) Since the subject of this long (and getting longer!) discursion is possessions, wealth and culture; and since I have (nominally) positioned myself, on the subject of consumerism, as a scold, let’s...


Hobbes: Honor and the Emperor’s New Clothes

The first of probably quite a few posts that I’ll be writing about Thomas Hobbes and Leviathan. I think Rufus is basically right in his understanding of Hobbes here, but Leviathan is, shall we...