Daily Archive: December 1, 2011


And the winner is…

Xbox 360 won out in the end. PS3 has the Blu-Ray, but I’m just not that concerned with Blu-Ray right now. Maybe in the future I’ll get a PS3 or a Blu-Ray player, but...


At Mr. Ruffus’ Request

Quoting from an earlier comment from fellow gentleman Ruffus: “I’m really hoping that David still does a bit of film-making. I’d love to see a short film documenting this process. A time lapse film would...


The Disappearance of Informed Democracy

This week on the op-ed page of the Washington Post three senators debated the how best to detain “terrorists.”  The current annual defense authorization bill contains language introduced by Senators Carl Levin and John...


The League in 2010- Round Two

After the first batch of 2010 league posts was whittled down, there are 40 posts left. Any suggestions?


No really, don’t buy this jacket.

  Apparently this ad ran in the New York Times last Friday (Black Friday) but I didn’t see it until today, on a friend’s blog, and seeing it provides me an excuse to write...



I did it. Fifty thousand words and a few to spare as of early yesterday evening. It’s sort of a crime to tag this post “literature,” but at least it’s done, and I’ll be...


Possibly More Potent Signs

Bob Costa’s rant about end zone celebrations being symptomatic of the disintegration of American society is probably a bit overwrought. This is… just sad.