Daily Archive: December 6, 2011


Sarong, it’s been good to know you.

In the comment thread of my My life as a free-rider post I wrote: “I guess what was on my mind is there’s a sort of self-righteous smugness in this post, or in my cashmere sweater...


Bad Fiction: GOP ’12

The prospect of Donald Trump moderating a debate is what finally made things click. It occurred to me the other day as I was leaving a comment elsewhere: if someone had written a TV...


Opposite day: The limits of Burkean gradualism

Ilarum is once again at the breach fighting all the wrong battles. He imprudently charges where I would prefer to reserve judgement. This time however, he may have a sliver of a point. I do...


NDAA, Due Process, and the Sixth Amendment

I wanted to share a quick thought about E.D. Kain’s very recent column at Forbes, but (sorry, Erik) commenting at Forbes is a laborious process which I have never successfully completed. I’m not even...


College Football Bowl Season Preview

Since yesterday was Opposite Day, I didn’t really want to break up the party by posting this, so it got pushed back a day. Then I realized it might actually be Opposite Week. In...


Against the Globalization of Trade

~by Plinko This post comes from my evil twin, Kabuki. While I think of myself as a progressive with an appreciation for the libertarian critique of modern American liberalism; he is a strong social...

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