Daily Archive: December 16, 2011


God is where you find him.

I am in the men’s room of a trendy bar in Belgrade Serbia. In my ear I can hear the voice of the bartender. “Oooh Daaybid!” he is saying, his timbre conveys concern. On...


A Hat Tip to the Gem State

Both Idaho senators voted against the NDAA. We could chalk it up to partisanship (“They’d totally have signed on if McCain were president”) and maybe there’s something to that. It’s notable, however, that as...


Missing the Forest for the Walton Trees

I see that Elias has jumped on the study making the rounds that the net worth of America’s wealthiest family, the Walton’s, is greater than the combined net worth of the bottom 30% of...


A Very, Very Fond Farewell

As everyone everywhere knows by now Christopher Hitchens passed away last night, finally succumbing to the oesophageal cancer he has been battling with this past year. I have known this press release would be coming...


One Percent of One

By this point you’ve probably already heard the most popular, latest eye-catching bit of agitprop trivia on economic inequality in America. In case you haven’t I’ll share what I think (could be wrong) was...


What’s Important In Life

Joining what I hope will be a chorus of obituaries today: What’s important in life? Good Scotch, friends, laughter, and speaking your mind forcefully and gracefully. Requiescat in pace, Christopher Hitchens.


Happy-Happy-Joy-Joy Friday Jukebox

My goodness, the news on the radio this morning was grim.  Everything was Newt Gingrich this, Jerry Sandusky that, constant reminders that our economy is in the crapper, with wee reminders of how David...



Christopher Hitchens died yesterday.  Vanity Fair broke the news and any number of publications are running obituaries at the moment.  For myself, I can only say that one of my biggest regrets is never...


Waste and Abuse

So, we’ve just narrowly averted — do we avert things in any other way? — we’ve just narrowly averted yet another government shutdown. I can’t help but feel that the magic is gone, and...