Daily Archive: December 22, 2011


Ron Paul and the People

I think John Nichols is way too excited about the unquestionably momentary and ephemeral Ron Paul boomlet; but this, at least, is probably correct: Ron Paul is not a progressive. He takes stands on...


Scenes from a boat-building, 12/22/2011

We are building a James Wharram designed Tiki 38, with additional engineering to meet US Coast Guard inspected passenger vessel specifications by John Marples of Searunner designs. What that means is that right now...


See No, Hear No

Ron Paul with his newsletter makes a good pair with Barack Obama and his pastor Jeremiah Wright’s rantings from the pulpit: See no evil, hear no evil. Brings to mind when Bob Dole saw...


Credit Where Credit’s Due

I’m not a Ron Paul fan, obviously, but this is the most brilliant foreign policy ad ever.  Absolute kudos for it:


Stupid Cameras, Spoiling Everything!

Earlier today Erik posted the CNN interview where Paul walked out of a CNN interview when a reporter had the audacity to not simply accept the dodge his campaign is pitching.  Better than that,...


Here Comes Iowa

I’m left with more than a little despair these days. Ron Paul’s newsletters and the implications of those pamphlets, including the enormous amount of money Paul made publishing them, are more damning than I...



A few months ago James Fallows sent me a photo of his son and new-born grandson, a cell-phone snap from the looks of it, and I was a bit surprised at the intimacy of the...