Weekend Jukebox: Canuck Edition (Reasons to love/hate Canada)


Murali did his undergraduate degree in molecular biology with a minor in biophysics from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He then changed direction and did his Masters in Philosophy also at NUS. Now, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Warwick.

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31 Responses

  1. sonmi451 says:

    Ehh, I would have agreed with you on Ms Dion if you had gone with the Titanic theme song.Report

  2. Jonathan says:

    Funny, I consider ‘Please Forgive Me’ to be a reason to hate Bryan Adams. Gimme some ‘Summer of 69’, please.

    (There’s no saving Celine Dion. I’ve hated her career since the first time I heard Ziggy.)Report

  3. Nob Akimoto says:

    I have to admit, I’m surprised there isn’t a music video of William Shatner in here. In terms of pure musical pain, one is hard to surpass his covers of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds or Mr. Tambourine Man.

    This is not to say that Shatner has not redeemed himself a million times over for these egregious crimes (I think he has) but they are a good example of Canada’s destructive influence on all things musical.Report

  4. BlaiseP says:

    Love ’em or hate ’em, Rush was a fine exponent of Canada’s musical offerings.Report

  5. David Ryan says:

    This is the best Canadian band there is. One of the best rock bands, period.Report

  6. Rufus F. says:

    I’m planning a radio show here to play 60s garage rock, punk, power pop, and new garage. The Canadian content laws are really a thorn in my side. Yes, there are lots of good Canadian rock bands, but getting together 30% Canadian songs is a grind.Report

    • BlaiseP in reply to Rufus F. says:

      Does Boards of Canada count as Canadian content? (wry grin)Report

      • Rufus F. in reply to BlaiseP says:

        I’ll probably play Boards of Canada anyway, but getting away with it as “Canadian content” probably relies on a government bureaucrat not knowing .any better- entirely likely. Now, if I ever reach the point that a state official is making me play Nickelback, that’s when I’m going to go Yukio Mishima on Ottawa.Report

    • Rufus F. in reply to Rufus F. says:

      That said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention: Teenage Head, the Gruesomes, D.O.A., Nomeansno, the Forgotten Rebels, or the (Canadian) Subhumans.Report

      • Will H. in reply to Rufus F. says:

        There was some Japanese band that went to Canada to record late 60’s – early 70’s. I forget their name.
        Just has me wondering if this is ‘Canadian content’ since they became based in Canada after that.

        “Japanese head-banging” in Canada wasn’t always done in Vancouver with a nightstick.

        I’ll see if I can find a link.Report

  7. Jon Rowe says:

    I think you could do a lot better than Bryan Adams to represent good Canadian music.  How about 1. Neil Young; 2. The Band (excusing the fact that their drummer/vocalist was a Southern American); and 3. Rush.  Hell I like Triumph better than Bryan Adams.Report

  8. Jon Rowe says:

    “The Canadian content laws…”  They still have this?  It would be good to know.  I teach this in my Global Environment of Business class and wanted to check to make sure my info was still current (hadn’t yet gotten around to it).Report

    • North in reply to Jon Rowe says:

      Yes I believe they still do. A lot of the old ‘keep Canada Canadian” stuff lingers and since they don’t have an ironclad first ammendment there’re things that can stand in Canada that wouldn’t endure in the US. Then again the FCC still prevents you from swearing on network television.Report

      • Will H. in reply to North says:

        Here’s a short list of the main differences between “The Trailer Park Boys” and the Cape Girardeau area:
        Canadian – American
        — pot ——— meth —
        – whiskey — Budweiser-
        – hockey —- baseball —

        Other than that, the cultures are much the same.Report

    • Jonathan in reply to Jon Rowe says:

      Yes, CanCon is still the destroyer of worlds up here. And sadly, though there are some very good Canadian bands (Library Voices, that’s the spirit, The Balconies), CanCon just ensures and endless stream of the likes of Nickelback and Matthew Goode.Report

  9. dexter says:

    I can’t believe that nobody mentioned Paul Schaefer as one of the Canadian musicians that need to be hated.  I am an old guy so besides Neil and the Band I think  that Joni Mitchell and Ian and Sylvia should be on the Iove them side.Report