Daily Archive: January 20, 2012


Fluid Borders

For my first post here at the League, I’d like to start with something a little obscure, but sufficiently interesting to touch off a little discussion. While obscured by domestic events, the year 2010...


Nob-les Oblige: An Introduction

Hello dear reader, welcome to my very first front page post. Most of you have seen me in and about these parts over the past few years, but for those who have not had...


The Margins of the Argument

I’ve been sent an advance copy of John Tomasi’s forthcoming book Free Market Fairness, due to appear in March. It’s very good, but I’m going to hold off blogging about it until the book...


Islamophobia Is A Myth

….Which is why I definitely did not see a bumper sticker this morning proclaiming that “All I needed to know about ISLAM I learned on 9/11,” right next to another bumper sticker admonishing one to...


The Calling of the Dogs

The good and just Burt Likko wrote a post today on the controversy surrounding Newt Gingrich’s Food-Stamp President hubbub from last Monday night. Coincidently, this was posted on the heels of a post of...


Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association

“Ocean Grove is a favorite anti-gay talking point, brought up over and over again, ad infinitum, ad nauseum, because it’s their best example of how marriage equality threatens their religious freedom in America. What...

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