Daily Archive: January 26, 2012


Fish Skins

You know, for skinning fish.


No Points for Thinking of Richard Branson

I’m curious what left-leaning types around here think of Charles Murray’s quiz — How Thick Is Your Bubble? Here’s the underlying thesis: As the new upper class increasingly consists of people who were born...


Citizens United Vs. The GOP

I have yet another defense of Citizens United up, this time at my new politics-only blog. Please let me know if I’m full of it. And yes, I continue to shamelessly promote that blog...


David Frum Vs. The Liberal Media

As Peter Hart of Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting noticed, Newsweek, liberal rag that it is, has now subjected its readership to not one but two essays on the virtues of President Obama by...


On Justification and Argumentation

In a previous post, I wrote about abortion, which of course received some amount of pushback. However, I also got pushback from an unexpected direction. A number of commenters pushed back against trying to...


Note on Zola and heredity

How should we read Zola today? Reading his Nana, I was struck by a scene in which the corrupt journalist Fauchery writes an article attacking the well-connected courtesan at the center of the novel, and...


Arguing Racism

by Stillwater In comments in a previous thread, both Mark T and  James H suggested I give my take on ‘the racism in politics’ debate on the supposition that a concise and fairly clear...