Daily Archive: January 1, 2012


The Influence of Influence

Marilynne Robinson, doing what she does [NYT], talks about books, writing, and the Bible — as well as writing one of the politest harsh critiques of contemporary literature possible:


Mirror, Mirror

Every once in a while I read a post that is so, so, so completely right that I struggle not to quote the entire thing. This Glenn Greenwald post is one of them: America’s...


Affirmations and Aspirations

Quoting from James Fallows’ Dick Cheney’s Heart: “We all know the cliche about people who switch from youthful idealism to mid-life flinty-mindedness. One version goes, If you’re not a socialist in your twenties, you have...


Let’s All Go Insane at the Movies!

Over at the League sub-blog “Forbes”, E.D. shares Roger Ebert’s suggestions as to why movie theatregoing is declining. As avid cinephiles, one might expect me and the missus to go to the movies more...