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Is this joke offensive?

My sister was in a play yesterday about a comedian. The comedian told a particular gay joke which my sister’s lesbian friend reacted to very badly (read angry). I don’t think the joke was offensive, but I may be missing something due to my privilege or something. The joke in question?


While I was off watching a movie about people who had plenty of cause to riot, an actual riot occurred in Singapore where there isn’t really any cause for one. Apparently some people do not know who the enemy is because somehow they think attacking ambulances is going to solve problems.

Who owes you a living wage?

Jason Brennan, over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians argues that employers do not owe their employees a living wage. This is in the context of whether the government subsidises Wal-Mart by providing the welfare state so that Wal-Mart does not have to pay a living wage. But as Brennan argues this presupposes that it is already…

Cars in Singapore are expensive

And now you know that too. And so do the cast of Fast and Furious 6.* Car prices in Singapore can be attributed to one very basic policy move: Artificial restriction of supply. So, wonky question for the league: If you’re the mayor of a big city, how would you handle traffic congestion?

What is your true rejection: Organ Trade Edition

One of the things that tells us whether we are actually thinking about an issue reasonably is whether there is any counterfactual that would change our minds about it. Given that we had a pretty angry conversation about this in Jason’s recent post, let’s hash things out here. Some of you are for legalising organ…

Self Criticism!

Over at Bleeding Heart Libertarians, Jason Brennan criticises cartoon libertarians. Brennan is right in that it is better for someone to disagree with you for good reasons than for someone to agree with you for bad ones. Why? Because before we can say whether it would be better if  others voted for X (even if for…

RIP Ronald Dworkin (1931-2013)

Ronald Dworkin died of leukemia on Valentines Day at the age of 81. He was the founder of the political philosophy Luck Egalitarianism as well as the founder of the jurisprudence theory Legal Interpretivism. As a legal positivist and a libertarian, I disagreed with him on a whole score of issues. Nevertheless, his views challenged…