Daily Archive: January 4, 2012


Scenes from a Boat-Building, 01/04/12

I had previously described building this boat as having two distinct steps; the second being the assembly of its parts, and the first being the fabrication of the parts. (Or as Dave put it...


The Cordray and NLRB Recess Appointments

There are two legal/constitutional objections: First, that the president can’t make a recess appointment for a post that requires Senate confirmation if the Senate’s not in recess. Technically, it hasn’t been. The second objection...


Hobbes: A First Note on Faith and Skepticism

The third and fourth sections of Hobbes’ Leviathan treat religion at length, but religion is hardly absent from the rest of the work. Here’s a bit that’s particularly intrigued me: If Livy say that...


Montana Dissed Citizens United

Law.com reports (registration required, but it’s free).  FTA: In Citizens United, the Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibited government from limiting the independent spending of corporations and unions on “electioneering,” or communicating about...


After Iowa

I chose to remain silent during the recent round of Ron Paul posts. It wasn’t because I had nothing to say but it was because I didn’t think he had much of a chance...


You Can’t Change Anything

Participating in democracy is futile. Your vote, by itself, doesn’t matter. No, what you need is seven friends. Then, the eight of you can determine the outcome of an all-eyes-on-you election like the 2012 Iowa...

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