Daily Archive: January 27, 2012


In Defense Of Newt Gingrich

Or, well, at least in defense of a moon colony. That’s the ground I stake out in my latest piece in The Atlantic.


Something’s Rotten in the State of Our Union

Many have debated the President’s remarks from last Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech.  E.D. Kain thought it was very successful, providing the American audience with a “rousing speech about the American dream,...


The Realistic Bigotry of Reality in the Workplace

(While discussing Murray’s Quiz, I made the following comment and Will thought it was good enough for a post, so here’s the post version, slightly edited.) As silly – and limited – of a...


Friday Jukebox

I did a quick check of the jukebox archives and saw that is woefully short on country and bluegrass. That ends now. First one of my favorite standards. JD Crowe and the New South...


Consensus on Charles Murray’s Quiz

There’s been a lot of discussion of Charles Murray’s “How Thick Is Your Bubble” quiz from Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010. Surprisingly, I think we all generally agree on a few...