Daily Archive: January 22, 2012


Newt’s Secret Ingredient

Just a reminder to all you fine ladies and gentlemen, I will be covering the 2012 election circus with a reasonable amount of snark over at my new American Times politics blog. I have a...


Race, Privilege, Music, and The N-Word

On Wednesdays on the Mindless Diversion blog, I’m quite regularly pleased to play one of my favorite songs or one of my previous favorites or something that just gets stuck in my head… and,...


As Old As The World

Rhetoric can reveal an unconscious trope moving — or maybe just stirring itself awake — within a society without attributing conscious malice to the individual speaker.  Thus the key line in Adam Kirsch’s consideration,...


Au contraire.

About that watch, my father e-mails: Au contraire. It was purchased in 1956-7 from the PX on our base near Gotemba at the base of Mount Fuji, selected from an array of Rolexes, the...


Grasping at Belief : Week 1

Yesterday I asked if anyone would be willing to assist me in a journey to see how I might reconcile my lack of belief with my desire for belief. Over the next few months...

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