Daily Archive: January 23, 2012


The Hunters of Kentucky

We spent 5 hours running beagles all over the hills of Green County yesterday.  The 12 gauge Ithaca I traded for last spring felt good in my hands and I was glad to have...


Note on the Old Man of the Mountain

In his voyage account from the 13th century, Marco Polo tells of “the old man of the mountain” (Book I: Ch. 21), or Ala’u-‘d-Din Muhammad, one of the last rulers of the Nizari Ismailis, a...


New Blogs!

I’d like to draw your attention to the latest TWO sub-blogs to go live at The League. Jonathan McLeod is writing “The 49th” – a Canadian politics blog with an eye toward American audiences....


Stop Censorship, Stop ACTA

I have a primer up at Forbes on a little known trade agreement, ACTA, which does all the bad stuff that SOPA threatened to do, only worse. Masked as an anti-counterfeiting treaty, ACTA threatens...


Vaka Motus

From the Pacific Voyagers website. Emphasis mine: The vakas are financed with micro-lending and built, maintained and operated by the local community. Taking pride in ownership, creates a commitment to better their villages and neighbouring islands.  Whether they take...

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