Daily Archive: January 9, 2012


Progressive Auto Registration

I got my auto registration for my car, Nader, and was in for a shock: It’s $325! Now, that won’t impress you Californians out there, but considering we just recently paid less than a...


Note on “The Day After”

In November, 1983, the ABC network aired the television movie The Day After, depicting the effects of a nuclear war on the Midwestern United States. Viewed by an estimated 100 million people, the film...


Dante Occupies Wall Street

~by Arthur Emlen In the Fall of 1947 at the University for Foreigners in Perugia, I took a course in Dante Alighieri’s Inferno. Dante completed this epic poem in 1321 just before he died. It...


What the Evidence Says about Strategic Voting in Open Primaries

~by James Hanley There’s been some interesting discussion here lately about the potential for, and legitimacy of, strategic voting in open primaries, in response to two posts by the surprisingly controversial Tod Kelly Although...


When the Fourth Estate Fails

Reading the article by Eric Schmitt that ran in last Sunday’s New York Times under the headline, “Lull in Strikes by U.S. Drones Aids Militants in Pakistan,” one gets a sense of just how...


At My Real Job: Drone Warfare

Over at Cato Unbound this month, David Cortright of the University of Notre Dame makes the case for caution in drone warfare: [T]he availability of a particular class of weaponry can influence judgments on...

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