Daily Archive: January 30, 2012


Are Federal Workers Overpaid?

This CBO study is being touted as proof by conservatives that the answer to this question is a resounding “YES!”  Going nearly as far is Megan McArdle, who nonetheless argues that “the CBO’s data suggest...


Making a Living in the Wake of the Pelican Disaster

From the Wikipedia entry: On September 1, 1951, as the Fisherman’s Special emptied its passengers, 62 fares climbed aboard the PELICAN, plus its Captain, Eddie Carroll and mate. The 42 foot PELICAN left Fishangrila...


Playwriting Contest

Hey folks! I’m getting back to play writing with a screwball comedy. It’s about a corrupt big city mayor who takes on some grand and insincere endeavor to improve his image. It has to be something...


Hobbes: The American West and 21st-Century America

In my last post on this topic, we got through Hobbes as relative and Hobbes as overstated. To continue our discussion: Claim 3: There is a significant difference between political and personal liberty. Lockeans...


Underripe Thoughts On Inevitable Litigation

The porn industry is quick to raise the First Amendment as its primary argument against governmental intervention of any sort. And not without justification — governments from the Feds down to municipalities are notoriously...

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