Daily Archive: January 5, 2012


Art for the Inartful

Before I was an art major, I was a music major, and before I was a music major I was a math major. In addition to going through three majors on a way to...


The Biblical Renaissance and English Poetry

Not long ago, David Cameron delivered a speech extolling the continuing cultural relevance of the King James Bible (h/t Joe Carter).  It stands as a fairly strong encapsulation of much of what has been...


Is Social Mobility Overrated?

A pretty good piece in the New York Times today about social mobility in America or, more accurately, the lack thereof. While the article cites the same studies and charts about European vs. American...


Note on Zola

In his 1877 preface to, and defence of, his novel L’Assommoir, Émile Zola writes: “I wanted to depict the inexorable downfall of a working class family in the poisonous atmosphere of our industrial suburbs. Intoxication...


Perpetual Check

The Islands of the Blessed are sort of like Hawaii, but more. And a whole lot less crowded. The uplands resemble the south of France. Which is to say that they’re really quite nice,...


The Hanging of Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak faces death by hanging. Though today’s newspapers are full of breathless reporting via al-Ahram, the state owned newspaper, Mubarak’s foreordained destination was always the gallows, known at least since April of last...

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