Daily Archive: January 13, 2012


Bain: Makes a Man Take Things Over

Last night, I watched the anti-Romney 30-minute “documentary” from a Gingrich Super PAC, “King of Bain,” and I must say that — save the periodic forays into lowest-common denominator xenophobia — one would think...


Scarfing plywood is not as hard as you think it is.

I have been reading about scarfing plywood for as long as I’ve been building boats, but I’ve never done it. The idea of hand-cutting a square 12:1 edge along a sheet of plywood just...


Systems of Survival

Timothy B. Lee reads and comments on Jane Jacobs’ excellent, enigmatic, thought-provoking book.


The Amish, Imagery, and 9/11

In response to Mike’s emergency preparedness post, BlaiseP discusses the role of community in emergencies and specifically his experiences with the Amish in his area of Wisconsin, writing; The Amish around here have been...


The Novelist and the Civil War

Because I’m behind the times (the Internet times, that is—they move so fast and I’m already stuck at least a decade ago), I’ve just now gotten around to reading Ta-Nehisi Coates’ long-form article on...


Rethinking Rural and Urban Investment

In June 2008 David Hawpe of the Courier Journal wrote an interesting piece asking “Where should we focus, town or country?”  Hawpe’s question was based on an effort by the Center for Rural Strategies to create...