Daily Archive: January 24, 2012


Raising Cain from the Dead

It’s went pretty much unnoticed because of the rise of Mordor Gingrich, but on Saturday Herman Cain briefly reentered the Republican primary spotlight. It was certainly as much of a farce as his actual...


Live Up North?

If you do, be sure to step out tonight, preferably in an area clear of bright city lights or other light pollution. The Earth has been hit with a large coronal mass ejection for...


Win Or Lose In 2012, Obama’s Got No Class

Noting that, for the first time in a generation, inequality will be a major theme of a US Presidential election, Michael Cohen writes how the result in November may establish a new conventional wisdom...


2012 Oscar Nominations Have Been Announced

I’m sad to say that I haven’t had a chance to see a majority of the films listed here.  Especially over this past year, I’ve taken to spending my money on seeing movies that are...


Job Creator

Once upon a time I drove a Honda Civic CX and I felt like a patriot.