Daily Archive: January 18, 2012


A Missed Opportunity

With Wikipedia down, Timothy Lee points out that this could be Wikipedia-alternative Citizendium‘s chance to shine. I tried to use it, but it’s pretty… thin. Personally, I thought that this was Uncyclopedia’s turn at...


All in a day’s work.

Per yesterday’s post, what 8 hours of boat building looks like.


Sullivan, Obama, and Elections

Let me get this out of the way first.  I like Andrew Sullivan, appreciate a lot of the work he produces, and can cite the Dish as an enormous triumph in blogging that is both...


Comment Deletion, Comment Policy, etc.

A few quick points. Front page authors: it is absolutely against our comment policy to delete any comments unless they are abject trolling, way out-of-bounds attacks on the author or other commenters, or seriously...


On What Doesn’t Really Matter

Philip Kitcher expresses a frustration I’ve also had with Derek Parfit: Consider the case that Parfit refers to as “Bridge,” a variant on a much-discussed scenario. In the canonical version, five people are bound...


Rep. Jared Polis on his opposition to SOPA

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Political Humor & Satire Blog,Video Archive My interview with Rep. Jared Polis of Colorado is not as funny as Stephen Colbert’s Better Know A District bit with...


Critiquing Andrew Sullivan’s Critique of Critiques

Andrew Sullivan has written a long piece for the magazine version of Newsweek responding to the prevailing critiques of Obama from both the right and left. He charges that the criticisms aren’t just “out...


Squaring Up

This photo shows the starboard hull backbone, lined up on a zero mark (the blue tape), and blocked in place along a reference wire stretched along the floor. The lower bulkheads have been “welded”...


Stillwater’s Challenge

In the comments of my most recent post on abortion, Stillwater says that few people have non-contradictory views. I demurr and point out that I dont have any contradictory beliefs. If I find that I...