Daily Archive: January 2, 2012



If you like offensive shoot outs and you’re not watching the Rose Bowl now, you really should.  At this rate someone’s going to win 102-101.


Libertarianism and Liberalism and Labels

I’ve spilled far too much ink trying to map out my politics on to the available political labels, and I fear I will keep spilling it. Over at Bleeding-Heart Libertarians, Will Wilkinson disavows the...


Ron Paul vs. Civil Liberties, Ctd.

One thing that’s overlooked by those who defend Ron Paul on civil liberties grounds is Paul’s staunch opposition to what I would argue is the greatest boon to liberty in American history: the 14th...


Reproductive Rights and Libertarianism

~by Sam Wilkinson For reasons that I cannot understand, the threat posed by various conservative candidates to women’s reproductive rights rarely seem to warrant mention or concern amongst those who profess themselves to be most concerned with...