Monthly Archive: March 2014

Opening Day

Take Me Out to The Ball Game isn’t the only song about baseball.

Introduction!: The Poster Formerly Known as NewDealer

Chances are you already know Saul DeGraw, the long-time commenter and frequent guest-poster New Dealer. (If not, read about him here!) OT is pleased to welcome Saul as our newest regular contributor.

Monday Trivia, No. 156 [Michael Cain wins!]

Fifty U.S. cities. Presented in several unmarked brackets. I think this week’s puzzle is pretty easy, personally, but I rather like it notwithstanding.

Getting a Temperature Reading on Climate Change Politics

Gawker’s Adam Weinstein and the Rochester Institute of Technology’s Lawrence Torcello have each come out for the criminalization of climate-change denial. I’m curious to know what readers here think of this.

The Age of Context

The digital age is about to make another leap and is poised to change our lives in ways that far outpace the last twenty years of the Internet boom.


As it turns out… Escape Plan wasn’t half bad.


Entirely different from last week’s selection, other than being music for boring, soulless, dressed-up white people.


Lent has been broken. For a pretty good reason though.

And Did Those Feet In Ancient Time by William Blake

Jaybird fails to properly read the lines of William Blake but discusses William Blake’s poem from the preface to Milton: A Poem for the humanities department of the Ordinary University anyway.

Is this weird, funny, or sad?

The twitterverse’s rather bizarre right-and-left alignment to cancel the Colbert Report for racism.