Monthly Archive: March 2014


Speaking of Wu-Tang…

There’s a great petition at to have the White House buy that single album example and use it as a gift to the 6 millionth sign-up.



Is tomorrow Friday already? Indeed it is.


And then there were two…

… kind of, sort of.  It turns out that my worries that the left might be starting down a troubling path are actually held by one OTer other than myself. It’s just that he’s...


Michael Bay Answers Critics of His Upcoming Easter Movie

Advanced showings of Michael Bay’s upcoming Easter movie, which depicts the events immediately preceding and following the crucifixion of Jesus, has come under fire from critics and religious scholars alike. Hoping to stave off protests, Bay has issued both an apology and explanation. Will it be enough?



Small Gods from “Vorbis sat upright in the tyrant’s chair” to “The way it’s got steps down into it, I think,” said Brutha.


Holy crap…

When real-life begins to imitate a bad John Woo movie, you know s**t is getting real.


I’m neither surprised nor heartbroken…

When I wrote my post about payday lending, I pointed out that select commercial banks were offering products similar to those offered by payday lenders.  According to this article, the banks have exited this business, citing the new...



Slow so Chris can dance to it.


Who are the Left? A Liberal Response

by New Dealer Tod Kelly recently tried to define what he considers to be the Left and received much criticism for his definition. This is my attempt as a liberal Democratic party supporter to...