Author: Michael Siegel

Michael Siegel is an astronomer living in Pennsylvania. He is on Twitter, blogs at his own site, and has written a novel.

Vacation Throughput: Comet NEOWISE

It may be decades before we see another one like NEOWISE. Or it may be next year. Who will I be when the next one comes? Or where?


The Layered Genius of Miyazaki, Part II

The bonds between Miyazaki’s characters are the sinews binding his movies together, bringing all this wondrous art, imagery, and themes into one coherent whole.


Thursday Throughput: Missing COVID Deaths Edition

The initial wave of infections was massive, much worse that it looks if you only use confirmed detections. But the resurgence is bad and getting worse. This is not just testing; this is an actual resurgence of the virus.


President Ye?

As of this writing, I have no idea whether this is Kanye being serious, Kayne being a troll, Kanye being somewhat deranged, Kanye getting a brainfart or Kanye having a joke with his friend Donald Trump.


Mini-Throughput: The Living Sun

That’s why studying the Sun matters. That’s why SDO matters. The more we know about the Sun, the better our chances of avoiding a disaster.


Thursday Throughput: Xenon Edition

So have we finally detected dark matter? It’s not clear. As the group themselves note, even a tiny amount of contamination could produce the signal they are seeing.


The Layered Genius of Miyazaki, Part I

You don’t have to be an animator to draw inspiration from Miyazaki’s films. Nor do you need to be an expert on anime. All that’s required is an appreciation for great film-making.


Thursday Throughput: Caldera Edition

We’re still learning about the caldera and its past. But perhaps this is one cataclysm a little less likely to hit in 2020.


SpaceX Launches America

There is something primal, almost visceral about a rocket launch. It’s unlike anything else in the human experience.


Thursday Throughput: First Galaxies

[ThTh1] As we look deeper into the universe, we have to look with different eyes. The expansion of the universe means that the further something is away from us, the faster it is moving...


Mini-Troughput: The Triple Lindy Stats Flop

That was the sound of every epidemiologist, economist, mathematician, scientist,s and every virologist simultaneously face-palming and crashing to the ground in a dead faint.


Star Wars And the Rule of Cool

As a scientist, I know everything in the Star Wars universe is ridiculous, impractical and overblown. And I don’t care one bit.