Author: Ben Sears

Ben Sears is a writer and restaurant guy in Birmingham, Alabama. He lives quite happily across from a creek with his wife, two sons, and an obligatory dog. You can follow him on Twitter and read his blog, The Columbo Game.
Paul Laurence Dunbar 0

POETS Day! Paul Lawrence Dunbar

Today’s poet is Paul Lawrence Dunbar, a man called “poet laureate of the Negro race,” by Booker T. Washington.

Friends 1

Roundabout Friends

I’ve been thinking about the nature of friendship lately. I’m sure of one thing: roundabout friends are solid.

word 16

May I Have A Word?

I can’t say that I hate searching for the right word or playing around with the sound of a sentence. Often it works itself out.

Richard Wilbur 0

POETS Day! Richard Wilbur

It is Friday. You have slithered out of your commitments. Enjoy the nachos at the bar. Today’s poet is Richard Wilbur.

Willamette 10

It’s Willamette, Dammit

I pronounced Willamette as “will-a-met” rather than as “will-ah-met”. She told me “Nope.” “It’s Willamette, Dammit.” Emphasizing the rhyme.

ogden Nash 7

POETS Day! Ogden Nash

It’s a silly bit of nothing, I’m not blown away, but my name is not emblazoned in the Ogden Nash tier of wordsmiths, so take his word(s) over mine.

Robert Conquest 1

POETS Day! Robert Conquest

You’d think someone immersed in the horrors of the 20th century would hold a lesser opinion of man and beauty and hope. But then Robert Conquest does this

Kingsley Amis 2

POETS Day! Kingsley Amis

Kingsley Amis became a known member of a literary movement known, fittingly, as The Movement. Theirs was a rejection of the modern movements

ezra pound 3

POETS Day: Ezra Pound

X may be a bigger marker of character than Y, so we’ll decide based on X w/a dismissal of Y. Meet Ezra Pound, & good luck with that formula

Langston Hughes 1

POETS Day!: Langston Hughes

Jazz was a huge influence on Langston Hughes, and I think this work is an excellent example of that influence.

wine tasting 9

Wine Tasting Through

I used to work as a sommelier, even though I still need autocorrect to spell the word properly. You know, wine tasting

walt whitman 0

POETS Day!: Walt Whitman and Baseball

Here’s something that Walt Whitman definitely wrote, but note, when he’s not singing to his electric body he’s a bit…You’ll see.

Cavafy 1

POETS Day! Send in the Cavafy

This guy Cavarfy was born in Alexandria and should have been, by modern standards, called an Egyptian, but he avoided that by moving at a young age to Liverpool