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  1. Chris says:

    I enjoyed Escape Plan, but I did think that, vs lbh unir n cevfba ba n fuvc, zhpu bs gur jnl gur pryyf jrer frg hc naq betnavmrq jnf birexvyy.

    Watching my beloved Cats tonight, whose last two games have been two of the best tournament games I’ve seen in a long time. I’m kinda hoping that tonight they blow Michigan out, because I’m not sure my blood pressure can withstand another best tournament game I’ve seen in years.

    Other than that, we started Orphan Black, and my son and I are working through season 4 of Warehouse 13.

    Reading a copy of Quo Vadis with type so small it hurts my eyes.Report

    • Glyph in reply to Chris says:

      For Orphan Black, you are going to have to swallow some pretty implausible things right up front, and I am not convinced it’s a great show yet. That said, it’s entertaining and Maslany deserves every bit of the hype and all the awards.Report

      • Chris in reply to Glyph says:

        We’re 4 episodes in, and I see what you.mean. R. and I have different opinions so far — she is loving it, and I am ambivalent — but it’s one season, and we’re almost out of Netflix and Prime TV at the moment, so it can’t hurt to make it all the way through.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Chris says:

      Boivbhfyl abg birexvyy rabhtu! V jbhyq unir tbggra evq bs erprff, gubhtu. V zrna, vs V jrer na rivy jneqra.Report

    • Chris in reply to Chris says:

      Three of the best tournament games I’ve seen in years. I watched almost all of this one through my fingers.Report

  2. NewDealer says:

    I picked up a novel called Suspects by David Thomson, who mainly writes film history and criticism. It is his only novel.

    The book is interesting, it consists of imaginary biographies of film characters. Mainly from the classic Hollywood/Film Noir of WWII to the mid-50s but there are also bios of characters from movies from the Hollywood Renaissance like Chinatown and the King of Marvin Gardens up to the early 80s with Cutter’s Way. The bios are before and after the events of the movie and only a few pages long. At the end of every few bios, a narrator comes in and makes a comment in italics about what he or she is writing and seems deeply disturbed and like he or she knew all the characters and events.Report

  3. Maribou says:

    Watching Game of Thrones Season 3. Just finished reading In a Fix (Grimes), now I am reading When Kambia Elaine Flew in from Neptune and also wallowing in The Novel Cure.Report

  4. Will Truman says:

    So I’m still watching Breaking Bad.

    Lain has learned the word “Cook.”Report

  5. Will Truman says:

    Finished Angel’s Flight, a Harry Boesch novel by Michael Connelly. I only had the abridged version of this one, which was a shame because it wasn’t one of the novels that lended itself to abridging. And they apparently cut out the part explaining what happened to the marriage that occurred at the end of the previous novel.

    I also made my way through Grisham’s The Associate, which actually felt like a Brad Meltzer novel.Report