Monthly Archive: April 2014

Trouble with Teaching Authority

The church expects the faithful to assent to its teachings, but as Douthat’s speculations show, the faithful are not always clear on where this teaching authority is actually exercised.

UAW-VW Update

The UAW dropped its complaints with regard to the controversial labor vote in Tennessee.

Solving Yesterday’s Problem Tomorrow

The EU plans to solve the problem of incompatible phone and radio device chargers. Except that the problem has mostly solved itself.


Uhhh… All Day Wednesday Music Videos

What Makes a Neighborhood Great

Planned communities want to bring their residents closer together, but have we really drifted that far apart?

Crew Wanted: Norfolk VA to New York City

Mon Tiki and I are in Norfolk VA, looking at a weather window opening up this weekend May 2/3 to run the coast up to New York City. If the forecast for southwest winds...

Question: OWS and the Tea Party

This came up in my post on Cliven Bundy but I have seen it again and again but the point always confuses me so I am turning it into a question for the hive...

Free Speech Is Dead, Donald Sterling Edition

First, it was Brendan Eich, a heroic American whose only alleged transgression was lending financial support to a political movement explicitly predicated on the idea that gays were a threat to the safety and...

Be a Dissenter for Science

When does politics trump science? Whenever it wants to. That’s a problem with modern politics in general, and — at least in part — we owe it to the malign influence of Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

A Bit More on Charging for Risk

There is a certain profession that blatantly breaks driving laws every day, no matter where you live, right in front of you. There is a reason for this: they do not bear the cost of risk for doing so.

In Defense of Zionism I: A Crash Course in History

Pre-Post Warning: This is a controversial subject which has very vocal supporters on both sides of the issue. Please keep it civil. I will not tolerate any Holocaust denial, anti-Semitism, or Islamophobia in the...

Intuitional Math

The Algorithmic vs Intuitional Math cagematch!


So… what are you reading and/or watching?


Counterpoint works best when the listener can separate the voices, so why not use real voices?

It’s Time for Donald Sterling to Go

The NBA can survive with all kinds of bad behavior by owners. But it can’t survive owners being caught on tape warning their girlfriends against associating with African Americans, or insisting that African Americans not be brought to their NBA basketball games.