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  1. Hoosegow Flask says:

    Arkham Origins. Went on sale for PCs this weekend.

    A throwaway line early in the game brought a question to mind (which is unrelated to the plot). If a person such as Killer Croc existed in our world and was incarcerated, his teeth would still pose a formidable threat to guards and other inmates. Could a judge legally order his teeth removed? Assuming he has some sort of regenerative ability, could this be done on a regular basis?

    A coworker who was big into Diablo 2 helped convince me to buy Diablo 3 on launch. IIRC, we played pretty frequently over a couple months, then I guess burned-out and stopped. I haven’t touched it since. It wasn’t without problems, but I mostly enjoyed it. His experiences were clouded by his expectations based upon the 2nd game.Report

    • Jaybird in reply to Hoosegow Flask says:

      In the 2nd game, if you didn’t have a serious vision for your character, your character would suck. Oh, you wanted to play a barbarian? Would this be a Frenzy Barbarian or a Whirlwind Barbarian? Answer quickly! You need to know this before you hit second level!!!

      In the 3rd game… well, you can explore the whole “Frenzy” thing, you can explore the whole “Whirlwind” thing… whatever man. It’s all good. The point is to play and have fun, right?

      And yet.

      As for Arkham Origins, it seems to me that the rules for our (the real world) legal system are waaaaaaaaay insufficient for dealing with such entities as Killer Croc or Clayface (or the Joker or Scarecrow or Two-Face…).

      These are bad guys who have demonstrated an ability to murder ruthlessly but also to get out of custody on a whim.

      When I go to the real world for someone on that same level of dangerosity, I’m stuck with Napoleon who was given his own island, sure, but that was because 40% of the planet was more than happy enough to saddle up if they saw him riding down the street and who might have saddled up had they heard he was hanged.

      I don’t know that anybody in the gallery has anything like those numbers.Report

  2. Fish says:

    I used the launch of Diablo III as an excuse to completely overhaul my main computer, and then only played Diablo III for about 18 minutes. Upgrading was a compromise, as what I really wanted to do was blow $3,000 on a Mac Pro.

    Right now I’m learning to love XCOM on Classic mode (I suck, but Normal was too easy), trying to finish all the DLC for Dragon Age: Origins before Inquisition drops, and I’m fiddling around with Neverwinter Nights 2 because I’ve been watching my oldest play it.Report