Daily Archive: September 16, 2013

Concern from within the Flock

Instead of telling atheists to convert, Pope Francis urged them to follow their own conscience so as to develop a contrite heart. His words have caused concern from within his flock.

A Joke Falls Flat

Does ending your vacation in a hospital’s emergency room give you a real insight into the community where you’re staying?


There seems to be an inverse relationship between my colleagues’ talent and skills as educators and their desire and willingness to employ authoritarianism and control with the children. I feel like there is something...

Picking a loser

I’m pretty sure my friend is going to get her clock cleaned. I’m going to vote for her anyway.

Monday Trivia #131

Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Alaska, Arkansas, North Carolina, Illinois, Hawaii, Nevada, New York, Georgia, Idaho, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Washington, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Kentucky, Utah, Mississippi, Connecticut, North Dakota, West Virginia, Missouri, Kansas, Massachusetts,...