Daily Archive: September 23, 2013

Monday Night Jukebox

In my post about the Nepean Redskins, I mentioned that the Human Rights complaint was launched by Ian Campeau. Mr. Campeau also happens to be a member of the Hip Hop group, A Tribe...

Redskins and Suburban Racism

A minor football team in Ottawa has done the right thing (finally), dropping the racist moniker. But will Washington’s NFL team ever show the same basic decency?


Katherine gives us the rundown on Babylon 5, Season One, Episode Fifteen. “Legacies”

BONUS: Monday Trivia #133 [Burt Likko wins!]

Second Bonus Trivia Question: Continuum, Evolution, Here’s to the Ladies, Into the Light, No More Drama, Solitaire, Soon, Soul In the Horn, Step by Step, This Beautiful Life. This is not an exhaustive list.

How My Daughter Taught Me to Love Myth-Making

Today my daughter would have been four years old. Though Vivian is no longer with us, we will celebrate her birthday this evening, lighting a candle, and in its glow, dine and sing and...

Monday Trivia #132 [Michael Cain wins!]

From most to least: Russia, Greece, Chile, Ireland, Hungary, Spain, Estonia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Indonesia, China, Poland, France, Austria, Italy, South Korea, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Denmark, Slovakia, Japan, Norway, Finland, Slovenia,...