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We have the inimitable Mike Schilling to cover Sandman, but we need a recapper for Babylon 5’s Episode 18, A Voice In The Wilderness (part one).



Separating the facts from the phenomenon.



As with any right-thinking person, I hate and despise the Yankees with the heat of a thousand suns.  While I nonetheless have a healthy respect for Mariano Rivera, I think this whole retirement tour...


It’s Time to Unbundle Health Insurance and Health Care

John C. Goodman in his book Priceless: Curing the Healthcare Crisis argues that Obamacare will not make health care better or more affordable because it doubles down on the same genetic defects as before–the ill-conceived bundling of health care and health insurance. Reformers opposed to Obamacare will be unable to propose a real solution until they see the problem.


Linky Friday #41

This week: Football, Safety, Race, Oil, Healthcare, Governance, Crime, Science, and History

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