Daily Archive: September 13, 2013


After a Dream dies? A wake.


Burt Likko’s been watching a little more television than usual. And he has a question.



Nazism is Dead, Long Live Marx

I recently wrote about how radical intellectuals are treated as ipso facto irresponsible or abhorrent in middlebrow American ideas magazines where little comprehension of their thought is even attempted. I was talking about the liberal-ish...

Sailing to Irrelevance: Irrelevant is the New Normal

Moderates and independents keep waiting for national defeats to force the GOP to change their ways. Tod Kelly asks if the party might be happy to stay right where it is, electability be damned.

Two, Maybe Three, Questions

1.)  At what age would you say it becomes inappropriate for a father or other male caregiver to bring his daughter/female charge with him into a shared men’s bathroom to relieve his needs? 2.)...

The Case for Dumb, Part II

The second of a two-part series in which Michael Cain looks at smart electric grids and public policy.

We’re Doomed

A crazy quote from a House Republican hints at the rocky way forward.

Linky Friday #39

This week: Diversity, Anglosphere, Death, Partisanship, Technology, Entertainment, Women, States, Health, and Education. And now, Videos!

A Message Too Far?

We should teach children about the negative effects of smoking. Sorta.