Daily Archive: September 13, 2013


Burt Likko’s been watching a little more television than usual. And he has a question.

Nazism is Dead, Long Live Marx

I recently wrote about how radical intellectuals are treated as ipso facto irresponsible or abhorrent in middlebrow American ideas magazines where little comprehension of their thought is even attempted. I was talking about the liberal-ish...

Two, Maybe Three, Questions

1.)  At what age would you say it becomes inappropriate for a father or other male caregiver to bring his daughter/female charge with him into a shared men’s bathroom to relieve his needs? 2.)...

Linky Friday #39

This week: Diversity, Anglosphere, Death, Partisanship, Technology, Entertainment, Women, States, Health, and Education. And now, Videos!

A Message Too Far?

We should teach children about the negative effects of smoking. Sorta.