Monthly Archive: October 2013

The Rise of Independents

Nearly 1/3 of Americans are likely to vote for an Independent candidate next year. Right now this seems to lead to more questions than answers.


We need a term for “foodie” that is less “caramelized asparagus tip ice cream with red pepper sauce” and more “oh my stars, this place has a Fuddruckers!”

Separation of Church and Mail

Observed: The counter people at the local post office dressed as a nun and a priest the day before Halloween. Part of me feels like that’s wrong but part of me also feels like...

Captain Justice

I practiced law in this state for two years. Never saw a motion quite like this.

Crew Wanted for a Journey Down the East Coast on Mon Tiki

We are seeking crew for purposes of both collegiality and safety. Experience with sailing, boats, or navigation not especially required. Our sailing will be in either sheltered water or in weather-dependant near shore jumps. You will never be out of sight of land or cell phone range. Your time commitment can range from a day to a week or more.

Halfway Highlights

With 8 weeks behind us, let’s re-assess the contenders and the pretenders in the NFL.  The criteria are the same: I rank teams based on how I think they’d fare against one another in...


This week: Season 1, Episode 21 – The Quality of Mercy

American Football In London

It’s no secret that the NFL wants back into Los Angeles. The two questions have always been “Can we move a team there?” and “If we can’t, where do we put the other expansion...

Don’t be that guy… to that guy

We have discussed—more than once—the Don’t Be That Guy rape prevention campaign. Riding the bus on Saturday, I saw a new installment of the campaign. It showed two men sitting on a bed. It...